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My Episode of Soderbergh’s “The Knick” is Airing Now!

I was fortunate enough to shoot a principal role on Cinemax’s “The Knick”. It’s quite a different experience working with the venerable Steven Soderbergh. No turnaround, no stand-ins. He is the Director, Cinematographer, Cameraman, and Editor. He does it all, and shoots like lightning. No time to think! See me in Episode 3 of Season…

BMW Commercial Airs During 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The Nationally televised BMW spot has aired during the Olympics and other winter sporting events. I’m the snowboarder spinning through the air in the last moments of the spot. Enjoy!

Friar Laurence in Mercury Glass Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet

Just finished closed as a young Friar Laurence in Mercury Glass Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet at the great Teatro LaTea. The Friar is a sort of “peacemaker” between two factions dead set on destruction of the other. And I’m always fascinated how undertaking each new role changes you in some way. This is…

Closing Show for Merry Wives of Windsor

It’s always a mixture of feelings at the end of run. There’s the pure joy of the in-the-moment discoveries of performing. The emotional roller coaster of the character’s journey. The exhaustion of performing every day, and all the rehearsal work that went before it. But like all stories, every journey has a beginning and a…

Trailer released for Savage Haus’ narrative short ‘Carolina Drama’

Very excited to see the new trailer of Savage Haus’ Carolina Drama where I play the lead role of Kid. Written and Directed by the very talented up-and-comer Charles Alexander, this narrative short tells the story of a man in search of his father’s killer. The film will be hitting the 2014 festival circuit. “Carolina…

Broadway World Article: 16th Annual Black Box Theatre Festival

I play a bank manager gone bank robber in the “The Teller’s Tale,” a new comedy written by Julie Weinberg and directed by Kyle Fox. Starts Thursday, June 6th! Check out the press release on Broadway World.