I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for having had this opportunity to work on this film for the past two months. I filmed for about 25-30 shoot days in all. Long hours working hard at what you love is the truest reward.

This film is not going to be for the faint of heart. Wild parties with real dyed-in-the-wool strippers, half-naked marching bands stomping through the brokerage, and brash hardcore drug use — everything that came with the stockbroker lifestyle in the early 90s.

I will never forget watching DiCaprio absolutely slay it as the notorious Jordan Belfort. His last monologue was so amazing, I starting bawling like a kid, probably because all of us brokers felt so invested in this project at this point that we hated to lose our leader!

The crew with Appian Way did a phenomenal job, with Mr. Scorsese at the helm, First AD Adam Sumner and DP Rodrigo Prieto. I have some great photos, but can’t post them until the film comes out later this year. Stay tuned!