I’m very happy to announce our opening night (tonight) for Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor presented by the Baited Bear Players at Teatro LATEA! Last night’s preview was a great success! Come join us for one of the Bard’s great comedies!

From the Baited Bear website: “Set in Renaissance England, The Merry Wives of Windsor navigates national, social and gender stereotypes in a famous Berkshire town. Relying on devices that range from subtle sarcasm and accidental double-entendre to broad physical comedy, the play pits clever and virtuous merchant-class wives wrongly assumed to be weak-willed against Sir John Falstaff, a vulgar and underhanded gentleman wrongly assumed to be noble in character. To heighten the comedic potential, Shakespeare peppers this joyful world of Windsor’s wily townsfolk with an ensemble of foreigners, rogues and other comedic archetypes.”

Tickets available at:
Discounted tickets with a student ID!